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Concussion Success Story


"On November 26th at 11:00 P.M I was traveling east on Union Avenue in Colorado Springs, Colorado. At the 5700 block of Union I saw headlights coming straight at me. They were traveling west as I was traveling east. I thought the road ahead was just curvy giving the illusion that the headlights ahead were in my lane. All of a sudden everything got really loud; I believe this is the point at which I passed out. The driver of the truck hit me just off the front center point of my vehicle traveling at 40 MPH as I was traveling 35-40 MPH causing my car to spin 180° then slam into the median to an abrupt stop. The driver was impaired by alcohol or perpscription drugs as there were several pill bottles in his truck. Bystanders that tried to get him out of his vehicle said that his breath wreaked of alcohol. The air bag hit me in the face and forehead leading to an immense pain to the touch of my forehead. When I came to an abrupt stop my head was thrown to the left then back when the airbag hit me slamming my head into the back of my seat. My body was thrown forward then sideways causing me to slam into the center console causing deep bruising and making it difficult to breathe. When I came to I heard voices and banging. At that point I tried to kick the doors open but I couldn't budge them because my car, a chevy malibu was in shambles. Some bystanders got the back driver side door open so I could get out of the car because they thought that the car may catch fire. The 25 year old man that caused the wreck refused to get out of his truck. Police, firemen, and EMT'S arrived on the scene and made the gentleman get out of his vehicle and help him walk to the ambulance. As they passed by me, I was sitting on the curb in shock between two firemen trying to get warm I heard the policeman ask him why he couldn't walk, he could barely speak.

I was taken to the hospital for tests and whatnot. The next day when I was released I noticed that it appeared extremely bright outside for me and not just outside, my computer and phone screens also appeared very bright. At this time I also noticed a loud ringing in my ears that has yet to go away. When I would get out of bed in the morning I would bounce off of the walls due to my imbalance. I was so dizzy, confused, anxious, severely depressed, no balance or ability to judge distance and a lack of ability to judge time. I felt as if I was tipping and leaning to the left when I walked. I also felt like I had no control of my legs and feet as if I were drunk. I had morning headaches and nausea. Severe vertigo, couldn't sleep, easily angered, aggressive tendencies, and my emotions were all over the place.

I spent a week of rehabilitation with Dr. Shem who is a caring and patient man. After spending this week working with him I can now perform all of those actions with ease. I had issues with climbing stairs because I couldn't judge the distance between my foot and the stairs. I can now accomplish climbing stairs without falling forward. I don't feel like I'm going to tip over when walking. I haven't had any morning headaches or nausea. I can now ride my skateboard again and I don't bang into the walls when I rise out of bed. I can accomplish tasks without falling or tripping over everything. Dr. Shem worked so hard with me and I have more confidence in what I want to do physically again. Anybody with a brain injury should see and work with Dr. Shem. I am very blessed to have worked with him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

-Louisa H.

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