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Concussion Success Story


On 12/23/2015 Kim was involved in an motor vehicle accident; while stopped at a traffic light she was rear-ended by another vehicle. Following the accident she stated there were noticeable declines in her cognitive abilites such as lapses in memory, confusion, mental fatigue, and irritability. In the six years since her accident Kim has sought out relief by seeing numerous other providers which has lead to her no longer experiencing any physical pain, but she still struggled with various cognitive issues. Earlier this month Kim made her way to Peak Brain Performance Centers and spent a week working alongisde Dr. Shem. Kim has since made some significant improvment in her cognitive abilites but her biggest concern and frustration was her inability to speak fluently and articulate the words she wanted to say which she now reports a 95% improvement in and is feeling hopeful for continued healing of her cognitive abilities.

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