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Concussion Success Story


"I have my life back after seeing Dr. Shem, and having him treat me for a TBI after being in an accident 13 months ago. I visited many physicians to only be told the neurological symptoms I was having would just have to take time to heal. They never offered another option besides the typical ‘prism’ lenses. After seeing a new doctor I was referred to Dr. Shem. At this point I was unable to work as a RN for about a year, my neurologic symptoms such as memory issues, balance, vision, and other cognitive issues I was having only worsened my depression as I was so hopeless I could not foresee or imagine taking the advice of all the other doctors which was to just wait I had already waited 13 months and I was severely losing hope. Dr. Shem is a wonderful provider with amazing bedside manner, and what he does is truly amazing. I spent a week with Dr. Shem at his office undergoing vestibular therapy. Each day of therapy that went by I felt my symptoms not only lessen in severity, but also improve rapidly. At first it was small things like feeling more hopeful my mood was much better I was able to recall things in my memory whether I was speaking with someone or at home and walking into a room and I finally wouldn’t forget what I was doing in that room. As the week went on my balance improved I could walk and feel steady my dizziness completely went away at the end, and even now I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I feel amazing— like a cloud has lifted. I am already preparing my return to my career as a nurse— I cannot thank you enough Dr. Shem!!"

-Garrett G

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