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"A Doctor is a student until his death, when he fails to be a student,

he dies."

-Sir William Osler

Driven by a desire to promote healing in individuals who may have lost hope, Dr. Shem desires nothing more than to use his training and experience to ease the troubles of those he encounters, educate individuals, and help connect the dots between questions that have yet to be answered. His mission is to serve those with the greatest need for neurological rehabilitation and get them back to the activities and people they love. Consistent and quality clinical outcomes are of upmost importance, and he enjoys working with patients who have stumbled upon the unfortunate reality, of having to deal with a complex and or chronic illness. 


Dr. Shem’s interest for serving patients with neurological conditions was sparked during his undergraduate studies when he began to uncover the vast responsibility of the human nervous system and what happens when things go awry. Little did he know at the time that this would lead him down a never-ending rabbit hole. Committed to a lifetime of learning and in a continual search of how to serve his patients tomorrow better than he did yesterday; he has completed over 2,000 hours in post-graduate coursework utilizing neurological rehabilitation as well as nutrition and neurochemistry and currently holds Diplomate status through the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. 

As a Texas native, Dr. Shem graduated from Parker University in Dallas, Texas as a Doctor of Chiropractic in April of 2020. During his time at Parker University Dr. Shem held the role as President of the Neurology Club which awarded him the opportunity to deliver regular lectures on applied clinical neuroscience and neurophysiology to the student body. This responsibility also allowed him to realize the importance of being able to educate, and meeting a person where they are, by simplifying complex topics down to a relatable concept. Upon graduation Dr. Shem moved to Minnesota to work within one of the largest functional neurology clinics in the country which afforded him the opportunity to work with some of the most complex neurological conditions including traumatic brain injury, post-stroke, dysautonomia, chronic pain, spinal cord injuries, assault, neuro-degeneration, auto-immunity, post-electrocution, and much more.

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