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Untangling the Web of Autoimmunity

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The rates of autoimmunity are on the rise and yet the increase in education is not catching up with the amount of people suffering. This course is based upon science-backed information as well as real world experience treating numerous patients who are struggling with this disease. You don't have to live like this, learn how to manage your autoimmune symptoms with one of the most comprehensive autoimmune courses designed for patients just like you available today. It doesn’t have to be this way. Doctors are typically under educated on autoimmunity, and unaware of the vast amounts of research. This means patients are on their own when it comes to understanding their condition and how to manage it. But thousands do it successfully. And so can you. In this online course, I walk you step by step through managing your autoimmune condition, teaching you how to drive it into remission so you can get your life back. I introduce you to to the vast reservoirs of autoimmune research and what it means for you personally. I teach you how to identify your unique underlying mechanisms of autoimmunity — the same steps that I use with my patients. By the end of course, you’ll have an effective model for addressing your chronic and so-called “mystery” symptoms so you can regain control of your health and get back to life. Incorporating diet, nutrition, and lifestyle factors to manage your autoimmunity, drive it into remission, and have it stay there for as long as possible.





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