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Correcting Chronic Fatigue

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at its core is dysfunction on the mitochondria. All of our biochemicals pathways rely on one thing. That being ATP. ATP is our primary source of fuel. The energy source that our body utilizes to accomplish every single task. It’s impossible for a person to recover, it's impossible for a person to heal, it's impossible for a person to be overall healthy when they can’t make energy. Chronic Fatigue Syndromes come down to figuring out things that disrupt mitochondria and understanding the things that activate it. You may have both involved. There are plenty of factors that can be disrupting your mitochondria as well as not enough factors to promote the growth of mitochondria. Throughout this course we will explore all these factors in order to pinpoint the cause of your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ultimately get you heading down the road to recovery.





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